Best Turtle Dock

Best Turtle Dock

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Today we will answer one question: What is the best turtle dock? In order to answer that question we will have to take various things into consideration. The first thing would be functionality, for example: Can this dock support my green guy? Or am I able to install this in my tank? The second biggest thing is style or the age old question of will this look good on my tank. Now in this particular instance a lot of docks are made to look pretty but they can be pretty flimsy, but we will make sure that this is not the case for our list. So stay around and lets figure out which is the best turtle dock together.

Best Turtle Dock Comparison Table

This first turtle dock is made by LaBrinx designs and its greatest strength lies in its functionality. LaBrinx designed this with one word in mind: Versatile. It has adjustable heights so that it can fit in any tank, it comes with 2 different mounting systems, one is a suction cup system so that you can stick it to the side of your tank and the other is a mount system that you can use to make sure that your ramp stays put for as long as you want, it also has a lifetime warranty and a “love it or 100% money back” guarantee! The only downside that this ramp might have is that it doesn’t have a themed design but what it might lack in style it makes up in everything else and it definitely deserves a spot on the best turtle dock list.

Now this is not the first time that we’ve had Zoo Med make an appearance on our lists, they have a reputation of making quality products and this turtle dock is definitely not the exception. The Zoo Med turtle dock features a simple but stylish design, made in the form of a rock so that it can fit the aesthetics of your tank. It’s also super easy to install, it has 2 suction cups that you can position inside your tank at any height. It also comes in various sizes so you can rest assured that you will find one that fits your size needs. I would say that when it comes to Zoo Med you can not go wrong, so pick this dock if you’re looking for a solid all around one.

This next contender on the best turtle dock list comes from Penn Plax. First of all this dock looks great, with little stairs, wood like texture and a maritime ship dock theme it will surely look awesome on your tank. The other thing that really stands out about this turtle dock is that it features a pretty ingenious water level system in which the ramp will stay right above water level by having a suspended platform that floats, so even if you only have your tank partially filled, the Penn Plax will always be floating above water level! This one is great for looks and functionality as well. All in all I would say that this most likely is the best floating turtle dock.

This next dock, made by BigTron, really merges what we’ve seen before in two previews docks, you have the style and suction system of the Zoo Med, rock like texture and a solid ramp for your green guy to climb, and the water level system that the Penn Plax has, the dock floats above water level at all times thanks to the suction rod system that they have developed for this dock. 

One of the upsides to the BigTron is that, since it is fixed to the bottom of the tank, it will not move other than vertically for the water level. Another great thing about the BigTron is that the rods are bendable, so you really can install this dock on any tank and have it look great, this is honestly a contender for best aquatic turtle dock!

The last dock on the best turtle docks list comes from Penn Plax as well, however this dock is really different from the previous one. This Penn Plax dock sits on top of your tank, it comes with it’s own enclosing so that your green guy is safe, but it adds a second level where your turtle can climb up to via a hatchet that drops down and becomes a ramp! 

Equipped with side mounts that lock in with a suction system and a hanging platform that rests underwater for turtles that like to chill there as well, it really has everything that you might want in a turtle dock. The only downside being that it might be too big for some tanks, other than that this is a luxury item where you can be sure that your turtle will spend a lot of time.

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This concludes our best turtle dock list, we saw that there are different types of systems for all kinds of tanks and that it really comes down to a matter of preference, if you want a small solid ramp that looks great you can go for the Zoo Med, if you want a solid, side mounting ramp you can go for the LaBrinx and if you’re looking for a system that levels depending on your water level the Penn Plax and the BigTron systems are definitely your choice. You really can’t go wrong with any of these docks!

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