Best Filter For Turtle Tank

Best Filter for Turtle Tank

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When it comes to filters for your turtle tank, you really can’t afford to go wrong, since it’s so crucial for your green fella to be swimming around clean and clear water. Today we will be looking into different types of filters and we will determine which one is the best for each category. There might not be an overall best filter for turtle tanks, but for sure we will determine which one is better for every different type of turtle, from the best canister filter for turtles to the best aquarium filter, we will take a look at a list of the best filters for turtles everywhere!

Best Filter for Turtle Tank Comparison Table

Tetra is a well-known brand that has been making good products for a very long time and their Reptofilter is no different. Using whisper filtration technology, that has three different filtering stages, it really becomes a contender for best turtle tank filter system.

Focusing on getting rid of any bacteria that might cause the water to change color and eliminating all of the smell particles that can cause an unpleasant scent, Tetra has really made a great product. It has a suction system for attaching to the side and it has a small form factor that can help with discreteness.

Tetra is making a second appearance on this list, this time with the Tetra Whisper 40i. As the name implies this filter is made by using a whispering system and it’s designed with aquariums that hold up to 40 gallons of water. It also comes with a bioscrubber that takes all of the unwanted biological material out of the water, so that coupled with the whisper system and you have a pretty rocking aquarium filter.

Especially recommended for water turtles and other types of turtles that might need more water. They also have two different smaller presentations for 10 and 20-gallon tanks respectively, so keep that in mind if you have a smaller tank.

Aqueon has made a very solid product when it comes to this next filter. With its understated black finish and the ability to fully submerge and mount this either horizontally or vertically, the Aqueon QuietFlow is a workhorse.

The Aqueon also features a three stage filtration system, first it takes care of any foam or particles on the water, then it removes any toxins and odors using activated carbon filters and lastly it takes care of the water discoloration and the ammonia and nitrates that might start to develop in your tank. It also has a lifetime warranty that ensures that you will get the most bang for your buck.

MarineLand’s Magniflow was designed with the big tanks in mind and it shows, with presentations in 30, 50 and even a whopping 100 gallons, MarineLand has designed an easy to use and easy to maintain canister filter. The Magniflow has 2 (or 4, depending on the presentation) nozzles that you need to insert into the tank, and that’s pretty much all you need to do as far as setup goes!

It runs almost completely silent, so if having an external tank is a worry for you, you can forget all about that. This is a medium size tank, so keep that in mind when choosing your filter, but other than size, there are almost no reasons not to go with the Magniflow.

The last item in our list also comes from MarineLand, and, while it’s as good as the Magniflow, this little internal canister filter is made with more of the little tanks in mind. Worry not, it has the same filtering system and there is no priming necessary when it comes to submerging the unit, so it really is as easy to set up as the Magniflow, only that it’s made for the 97 to 300 gallon tank crowd in mind.

All back body with red details, this filter has an almost industrial and sleek look that takes the cake in my books when it comes to aesthetics. Definitely a solid option when talking about the best filter for turtle tanks.

Turtle Tank Filters Explained (Video)


So there you have it folks, the best tanks in every category, whether you need a standard filter tank like the Tetra or would like to go with something more like the MarineLand, which has a canister based filtration system, there is something for you in this list. Remember that filters are very important in order to preserve a clean and clear environment for out little guys to live in. Rest assured you will get the best filter for turtle tanks with any of the filters in this list.

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