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Home is dedicated to providing free resources to all turtle and tortoise pet enthusiasts.

We provide free care sheets, first aid guides, as well as in depth product reviews about everything related to the care of turtles, tortoises, and box turtles.

All Turtles is the worlds #1 trusted resource when it comes to pet turtles and has been featured in several publications.

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Species Covered


Common Snapping Turtle - Chelydra Serpentina

Looking for your turtle? We have a list of them with images to help you identify yours and how to care for it too!


Hermann Tortoise

Did you know that most people don’t know the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? Discover more for yourself!

Sea Turtles

Green Sea Turtle

Find out about all the different sea turtle species in the big blue ocean.  There aren’t as many as you would think.

Turtles in the United States

You can find a list of every state in the U.S.A. on this page where you can choose your state and see what species of turtle, tortoise, or sea turtle is native, introduce, or known to be.

Brock Yates - All Turtles

Hey there and welcome!

I’m  Brock and I’m the author of All Turtles. We started way back in 2001 as a resource for people needing advice about caring for their turtles. Today we have evolved to include tortoises too! Our aim here is still to provide a solid resource for all of you and a community too!.

Resource Pages

First Aid

Turtle First Aid

Find the top medical guides written by a herpetologist about things related to turtle injuries, sickness and more.

Turtle Setups

Turtle Setups

Find all the setup guides for water turtles, tortoises, and box turtles.

Product Reviews

Reviews of Turtle Products

Check our buyers guides and product reviews for everything related to turles.

Turtle Laws


Learn about the laws related to owning a turtle or tortoise where you live.

Turtle Terms


Learn all about the specific words used when it comes to turtle and tortoises.

Turtle Adoption

Turtle Adoption

Here you can find turtles up for adoption, find a turtle rescue, or post yours to be given up.



Use this in depth guide to figure out the identification of your turtle or tortoise.

Best Pet

Best pet turtles

Find your favorite pet water turtle in this list.

See the following for smaller turtle species.

Best Pet


Learn what the best pet tortoise is for you from this list.

See the following for smaller tortoise species.

Find Where To Buy Turtles & Tortoises

When looking to buy a pet turtle, we highly recommend checking to find one that is up for adoption already via our adoptions page or other forums.

If you still insist on buying a turtle or tortoise, make sure to only buy from captive bred breeders. Never take any animals from the wild as this will damage the ecosystem and the conservation of any species.

Turtles For Sale

Here you can find a list of water turtles and box turtles that are available for sale at captive bred sites.

Tortoises For Sale

Here you can find a list tortoises broken down by size that are available for sale at captive bred sites.

Newest Turtle Guides & Articles