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Why Contribute? is a free resource with care guides for many turtle and tortoise species.

Many people catch wild turtles, buy turtles, or even win turtles at carnivals or events and then have no idea how to care for them properly.

By providing a donation, can continue its commitment to providing the world with free educational guides and support the costs that are associated with the maintenance, development, and dissemination of those materials.

To learn more about the team, see our About page.

Is a Non-Profit organization? is not a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we are run as a for-profit entity whereby revenue received is used to advance the website. If you opt to contribute to our site, please note that your contribution is not tax deductible.

Why Your Contribution is Important.

Your contribution will help us in supporting the development of the site, materials, and validation of the materials from qualified herpetologists.

By using qualified specialists, we ensure that the information provided is 100% safe and accurate.

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