Best Turtle Heater For Aquariums

Best Turtle Heater For Aquariums

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When it comes to our little green friends, it’s no secret that they need to stay warm and cozy in
order to have a good living environment. For that reason, we have researched and put together
a list of the best turtle heaters out there, with an emphasis on both quality and price range.
Whether you are looking for a big and fancy turtle heater or a small and practical one we got
you covered with the following turtle heaters. Please make sure to have your tank size in mind
when reading this list, since your needs might change according to the size of your tank.

Best Turtle Heaters

Now this first turtle heater is the TetraFauna reptile heater. It has a thermostat that keeps the water temperature at exactly 78 degrees, has suction cups so that you can stick it on whatever surface you might need, has an 8 foot power cord and it has a 2 year warranty! Now when it comes to the best turtle heaters this one makes the list because of one reason: consistency.

This turtle heater will work as intended every time and it’s a reliable and sturdy product that also has a 2 year warranty, all in all a pretty solid turtle heater that will give you peace of mind.

The next item on the best turtle heaters’ list comes in the form of this handy fella. The awesome thing about the Tetra HT turtle heater is that it comes in a small form factor that you can use for the smaller tanks and bowls. This is also very convenient for aesthetic reasons; for all of the tank decoration enthusiasts, you can hide this little turtle heater behind a plant or ornament in order to keep the look and feel that you like on your tank without compromising the temperature. It also has all of the basic features in order to keep your turtle at a comfortable 78 degrees automatically, so you can rely on it keeping the right temperature up.

Now, with this next one Aqueon really knocked it out of the park. The Aqueon pro is great for all types of tanks and bowls, since it comes in five different presentations, ranging from 50 watts all the way to 250 watts and a dial to adjust the temperature from 68 to 88 degrees you really have all of the control required to keep your tank and your turtle happy. This one is great if you need exact control of the temperature at all times, you can mix and match the wattage and the adjustable dial to your exact need. It also has a sleek black finish and an LED light that lets you know whenever it’s heating up.

We’ve seen different types of heaters, but something that is not in the best turtle heaters list yet is a sturdy and nearly indestructible heater. The Hitop adjustable heater prides itself on being shatterproof; this is all thanks to a special material made by them that ensures that it will not break easily. It also comes in three different presentations, ranging from 50 watts to 300 watts, making this ideal for big thanks that need a reliable and sturdy heater. This one was made for all the enthusiasts that need to take a step into the big leagues.

Last but not least, we have the FREESEA heater, which is definitely made for the owner that
wants comfort above all. Equipped with a LED screen that indicates the temperature of the tank at all times and an external thermostat dial that you can control without inserting your hand into the turtle tank, it really is the easiest one to use and manage after installation. With
presentations in both 75 and 100 watts, I would really recommend this one if you are just getting started with a smaller tank and need a surefire way to set your temperature of your preference.

Tetrafauna Turtle Heater Video Review


So that is the list of the best turtle heaters, all of them have their pros and cons, but I’m sure that you will find one that fits your needs. For us, the best turtle heater overall has to be the Freesea.  It has everything you need and is simple to use and reliable. Any of the others are good too and range from starter to pro and small to big. These heaters will most likely cover any necessity and remember that your little green friend will thank you for keeping his tank warm and clean!

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