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Top 6 Best Automatic Turtle Feeder

Buying an automatic turtle feeder will help you keep a regular rhythm for your turtle’s feeding schedule. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 5 best automatic turtle feeders on the market.

We’ll also provide a concise, easy-to-use buying guide to help you pick the right automatic turtle feeder for your pet turtle.

Topics we will cover for turtle feeders include reliability, capacity, ventalation, ease of use, slots, food types, size and power.

If you’re in a hurry the below chart highlights our top picks. Our favorite out of all is the Eheim Turtle Feeder.

Best Automatic Turtle Feeders Comparison Table

Why do I need an Automatic Turtle Feeder?

There are a few reasons why an automatic turtle feeder can come in handy. Ensuring that your turtle gets a consistent feeding schedule is incredibly important to the health of your pet. Automatic feeders can help streamline this process, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle.

Having an automatic feeder for your turtle tank is also useful if you have to spend time away from your pet. You might have to go on business trips, or you might go on vacation for a few days. Making use of an automatic feeder in these instances helps maintain a healthy feeding routine for your turtle. It also allows you to avoid relying on someone to look in on your turtle while you’re gone.

If you are taking care of hatchlings or juvenile turtles, an automatic feeder can be a real boon. Younger turtles need to eat much more regularly than adult specimens. Using an automatic feeder can help provide the right amount of food necessary to help your young turtles grow without the need to constantly be feeding them yourself.

On the other end of the scale, if your turtle is suffering from overeating and weight issues, then having an automatic feeder for your turtle tank is a good idea. Using an automatic feeder helps you to control the portion sizes that your turtle has access to, which helps to control its weight. Think of it as a turtle diet device!

Best Automatic Turtle Feeders

1. Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder Programmable Automatic Food Dispenser

The Eheim Everyday turtle feeder might not have all of the fancy settings and functions of other automatic feeders, but it has one clear advantage: reliability.

This unit is great for novice turtle owners because its LCD menu is easy to use and doesn’t bog you down with too many complicated settings. Just insert the food, attach the unit to your tank, set it, and you’re done!

The Eheim Everyday turtle feeder boasts an integrated fan-powered ventilation feature that helps prevent food from going stale. The feeding drum has a capacity of 100 ml with a customizable sliding portal to help organize portions.

You basically can’t go wrong with the Eheim Everyday turtle feeder!

2. Exo Terra Turtle Automatic Feeder For Amphibians

The Exo Terra turtle feeder excels if you have more than one turtle. This automatic feeder features a 200 ml capacity and holds twice as much food as the Eheim model above. This is perfect if you need to leave your turtle(s) for long periods on vacation or work trips.

The larger size may not work with all turtle tanks, so keep that in mind. That said, the Exo Terra turtle feeder is pretty easy to use thanks to its simple mounting mechanism and big LED screen. This feeder can produce up to four feedings per day, and you can adjust the portion sizes to meet your turtle’s needs.

Exo Terra is one of the reptile hobby’s most respected brands, so you are guaranteed to have a great experience with this turtle feeder.

3. Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Feeder

One consistent issue afflicting most automatic turtle feeders is that they can sometimes release more food than you intended. However, the Fish Mate F14 gets around this by providing 14 individual feed slots. You can fill these up with the correct amount of food for your turtle and you can set it to deliver the food at exactly the right time.

While this may mean the Fish Mate F14 needs to be filled more frequently, it’s a great option if you need to carefully control the portion sizes for your turtle. This comes in handy if your turtle is having weight issues or if you need to keep to a tight feeding schedule.

The Fish Mate F14 features an easy-to-use timer that can accommodate up to four feedings per day and can distribute food over a set period of hours. This means that your turtle won’t gorge itself all in one go!

4. Xubox Automatic Fish Feeder

The Xubox Automatic Fish Feeder has a large 100 ml capacity to provide plenty of food for your turtle. The unit can release up to four meals per day and is easy to set up thanks to its digital LCD menu. There’s also a battery indicator to tell you when the unit is low on charge.

The Xubox is relatively compact, meaning that it should fit most turtle tanks. It’s easy to place thanks to its adjustable mounting bracket and also comes with an in-built ventilation feature. This is a good automatic feeder to use if you are a beginner.

5. TurtleMatic Feeder by ZooMed

TurtleMatic from ZooMed is an automatic daily turle feeder which runs on 3 AA batters. Batteries are even included in the box so you don’t need to get any extras.

This feeder works well with ZooMeds pellets, but it also can be used with other pellets or types of foods including fish pellets if you are using it for fish as well.

It can be mounted anywhere on the tank as it is able to be swivelled around 360 degrees to adapt.

One additional feature is that you can attach an air pump in order to provide positive pressure in the chamber. This reduces humidity in the chamber and increases the length the food stays fresh.

To prevent waste it also has a 12 hour sleep function so food isn’t being dropped in constantly and dirtying up the tank.

It’s a perfect accessory for daily feeding or even to be used for those week or two long vacations.

How to choose the best automatic turtle feeder?

When purchasing an automatic feeder for your turtle tank, there are a few things you should consider. You should also look out for specific features to make sure that you’re getting a device that can meet your turtle’s needs.

Here’s our clear and concise buying guide to help you choose the best automatic feeder for your turtle tank.


One of the biggest issues with automatic turtle feeders is that they can malfunction. And when you’re away from your turtle and trusting the feeder to work properly, that can be a huge issue. Not having enough food available if you’re away for long periods can be dangerous for your turtle.

Automatic turtle feeders also have a reputation of sometimes releasing more food than is actually needed, which can contribute to weight issues in your turtle. Being able to trust that your feeder will consistently deliver exactly the right amount of food is paramount.

Make sure to get a well-rated device from a good quality brand that has a proven track record of being reliable. Some of the most reliable picks on our list include the Eheim Everyday turtle feeder and the Exo Terra turtle feeder.


An automatic turtle feeder is no good if you have to refill it every day or so. To fulfill its function properly, a feeder needs to have a large enough capacity to be able to be left working for several days at least. Most brands show their capacity in milliliters, and using this you can judge how long the feeder’s payload will last.

100 ml is a pretty good standard capacity for a turtle feeder, and most of the options on our list feature this capacity. However, some automatic feeders have an even larger capacity, such as the Exo Terra turtle feeder. This device has a whopping 200 ml capacity, making it one of the best choices if you need to spend long periods away from your turtle.

Ease of use

Having an automatic turtle feeder that is easy to set up and program is an essential thing to look for. If the device is too complicated, then you likely won’t be able to make it deliver the right amount of food for your turtle at the right time.

Most automatic feeders use a simple LCD screen and easy-to-use buttons to help make programming as quick and easy as possible. Make sure you thoroughly understand how to set up the turtle feeder before purchasing one. The LCD of the Eheim Everyday turtle feeder is one of the easiest ones to read.

As for affixing the feeder to your turtle tank, most have an adjustable clamp that allows you to mount the feeder on the edge of the tank. Some may also offer additional support in the form of a Velcro patch to stick your feeder to the side of the tank.

Make sure that the build quality of these components is up to the task. The last thing you want is your feeder falling into the water!


If turtle pellets sit in a feeder for too long, they may lose moisture and end up stale, leading to a bad experience for your pet. To mitigate this, make sure that your automatic feeder has a ventilation system or a fan, preferably both. This will ensure that the food is kept moist and appetizing for your turtle.

If the turtle feeder doesn’t include these within the design, make sure that it has the facility to attach an air pump to it. This can also help to keep your turtle’s grub from going stale. However, you may need to buy an air pump separately.

The Eheim Everyday turtle feeder is the best automatic turtle feeder that has a built-in ventilation system.

Feeding options and slots

Going hand in hand with capacity is the number of feeding slots available on the feeder. Not all turtle feeders work using slots, as most will have a drum system that takes care of the feeding. But for those that use a slot system, anything less than 10 compartments is going to be insufficient for your turtle. The Fish Mate F14 has 14 slots, making it a good pick.

The other thing to bear in mind is feeding options. The best automatic turtle feeders will allow for both automatic and manual feeding options. The vast majority of the time, you’ll be using the automatic settings and allocating feeding times remotely.

However, sometimes you may need or want to give your turtle an instant meal. Having a manual override button to instantly release some food can be a handy option to have.

Food types

If you’re planning on using an automatic turtle feeder, you’ll likely be using turtle pellets. The vast majority of automatic feeders will be suitable for holding pellets, but it is always best to double-check. Some feeders may be able to hold other foods such as fish flakes or krill sticks.


Another thing to bear in mind when choosing an automatic turtle feeder is the size of the device itself. Most will be fairly compact, but some may be too small to insufficiently cover the needs of larger turtles or larger tanks. This is especially true if you have multiple turtles in one tank. On the flip-side, you also don’t want to get a turtle feeder that is too big for smaller turtle tanks.


If you’re leaving your turtle for several days at a time, you have to be able to trust your turtle feeder. If the device runs out of charge while you’re away, that’s not good.

Most automatic turtle feeders run on battery power, such as standard AA or AAA batteries. You may be able to use rechargeable versions of these batteries to keep costs down.

The feeder should also be able to alert you when it’s running low on power. Most of the automatic turtle feeders on this list feature low battery warning systems that notify you when they’re approaching the end of their charge. Make sure that these alerts are easy to identify on your feeder to avoid confusion.


Can you use a automatic fish feeder for turtles?

Yes, you can use an automatic fish feeder for your turtle tank. Before buying one you should just check that the size is large enough to hold the type of food you plan on feeding your turtles.

Other factors to check are battery life, their mounting method and if it is flexable, as well as their power.

Are automatic turtle feeders worth it?

Automatic feeders are absolutely worth the small investment. They ensure that your pet turtle is fed on time every day. You never have to worry if you get stuck out late in traffic, at work, or if you want to stay out late with friends.

How do you feed your turtle on vacation?

An automatic turtle feeder is the best way to feed your pet turtle while you are on vacation. It takes away the need to hire someone, keeps the quantity consistent, and doesn’t mess up their schedule.


That wraps up our list of the best automatic feeders for turtle tanks! We’ve looked at a range of automatic feeders that boast a variety of useful features, from feeders with easy-to-use displays like the Eheim Everyday turtle feeder.

We’ve also touched on high-capacity devices like the Exo Terra turtle feeder, which is one of the best picks if you have to spend a lot of time away from your turtle.

Not every turtle feeder is going to meet the specific needs of your setup, so we also provided a buyer’s guide to help you pick the best automatic feeder for your turtle tank.

So whether you’re heading out on a business trip or enjoying a family vacation, rest assured that your turtle will eat like a king while you’re away!

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