Best Automatic Turtle Feeder

Best Automatic Turtle Feeders

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Hi, today we will be looking into the best automatic turtle feeders that are out there. In the past, I’ve heard multiple turtle owners mention the fact that they have trouble when it comes to keeping the feeding schedule of their turtle regular, so having an automatic turtle feeder is no longer a luxury, it’s a tool that will help you keep your green friend healthy. We will help you determine what the best option is for you and your green friend! Whether you need to feed a bale or a single turtle, we will make sure that you can pick the best automatic turtle feeder from the list.

Best Automatic Turtle Feeders Comparison Table

This first one makes the list of best automatic turtle feeders for one reason: reliability. The Eheim automatic feeding unit might not have all of the fancy settings and functions of other automatic feeders, but I know people who have used it for years and years without a hiccup. I would especially recommend the Eheim if it’s your first time buying a feeder, since it doesn’t have a lot of complicated settings; you just insert the food and attach the unit to your tank and it pretty much becomes set it and forget it. This is pretty much the bar setter for the turtle feeders, if you’re looking for consistency you can’t go wrong with the Eheim.

The Exo Terra turtle feeder is a great unit to have if you either have more than one turtle or if you need to leave for long periods of time. It has a 200ml capacity, which means that it holds twice as much food as the Eheim, so I would say that this one is great for the owner that needs to travel a lot or if you’re going on a vacation soon and need a way to ensure that you’re green guy is feed. It also has a big LED screen and a simple mounting mechanism, although it is bigger than the Eheim, so I would consider that when deciding which one you will buy, nothing worse than not being able to use your brand new feeder!

Ok, so let’s talk about the elephant in the room, sometimes automatic turtle feeders can release a larger amount of food that what you ideally want. Well Fish Mate though about this exact issue and made a product that wouldn’t have that issue. Fish Mate has 14 individual feed slots that you can fill up with the exact amount of food that you want your turtle to have and you can time it so that it delivers the food at the exact time. This one is great if you need to keep a tight schedule or if you need to make sure that your turtle only eats a certain amount of food, the only downside being that you might need to fill it out more frequently.

This next turtle feeder is one of the best at giving you options. The eBo Trade turtle feeder gives you the choice between 2 types of feeding systems, you can either release a big amount or a smaller amount of food, great if you are thinking of upgrading tanks in the future or if you’re planning on getting your green guy a friend! It also has a small form factor; it won’t cover up or take a huge amount of your tank’s real-estate. All that plus the fact that you can control everything from outside the tank, with its sideways mount, and you really have a lot of flexibility with the eBo.

NICREW has made something really interesting, with an emphasis on food quality, they have created an automatic feeder that has a state of the art ventilation system that allows for food to stay dry and ready for your turtle to consume. The NICREW ventilation system comes equipped with a fan and air intakes that are positioned strategically on the top and bottom of the device, allowing for air to continuously flow along the feeder, keeping the food from going stale. It also has a programmable memory and an adjustable slider in order to ensure that you’re getting the right amount of food each time.

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Now the title of best automatic turtle feeder is not something that I can give to just one of the feeders on the list, it really depends on your needs like we discussed at the beginning of the article. If you need a reliable product with basic functions I would definitely go for the Eheim, if you’re looking for a big feeder I would choose the Exoterra, when it comes to food control you really can’t get any better than the Fish Mate and finally if you want a premium product with options I would either go with the NICREW or the eBo, each one with different state of the art technology. Remember that, regardless of which one you choose, the important thing is that your green fella is fed and happy at all times!

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