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Penn-Plax Floating Turtle Pier

Penn-Plax Floating Turtle Pier Review

The Penn-Plax Turtle Floating Turtle Pier is a popular addition for any turtle tank as it conveniently provides a space for your turtle to bask close to their heat lamp out of the water.

The floating pier is a platform you add into your turtle’s enclosure to ensure they have a place to rest as well as bask in their heat lamp.

It comes in three size options to suit the size of your tank, and the two larger sizes have the ability to add a filter into it. The largest size is rectangular shaped while the small and medium sizes are both triangularly shaped. It is fitted with suction cups to keep the product securely in place, and can sit at water level.

It is an inclusive solution to providing your turtle with a secure spot to rest in, and is easy to add to your enclosure.

What makes a product a great addition to your tank

As turtles are reptiles they aren’t able to regulate their own body temperature and require a heat lamp or access to the sun in order to warm their bodies.

It is vital that the temperature in your turtle’s enclosure is kept regulated. The Penn-Plax Turtle Floating Turtle Pier is a convenient addition into any tank or enclosure to ensure that your turtle has an area to bask in while they rest or soak in heat. It provides a dry area for your turtle to get out of the water and lay in.

Any product that is going to be added into your enclosure must be durable and convenient for your turtle to use. It should remain stable, and most importantly be suitable for water use. Ideally the product should also be easy to assemble, or come fully assembled.

It should fit comfortably into the enclosure and allow for there to still be space for your turtle to swim. The product should easily be added into your tank, and should stay in place.

It is also vital that your turtle can fit onto the product as so you should view the size specifications. For example a larger turtle species such as a Florida Red Bellied Turtle that can reach 15” is most suited for the larger sized platform.

Another aspect to consider is how easy the product is to remove and clean, as it is bound to develop moss on it as it will be in water for extended periods of time.

Product overview

There are many wonderful features of the Penn-Plax Turtle Floating Turtle Pier which makes it an incredible asset for your enclosure. The ramp is textured to ensure a non-slip surface for your turtle to use.

It is simple to build, and add into any tank. The suction cups at the bottom of the legs keep the dock stable, and due to the plastic grid underneath the top platform the dock stays nicely afloat.

It’s conveniently widely available and affordable starting from $16.73 on Amazon. The product does have an option to order a model that can be fitted with a filter.

The smallest size is suitable for a 10 gallon or larger tank, and is best suitable for smaller turtle 6” x 7.25”. It is height adjustable between 3” and 12”.

The medium pier is 10.5 x 9.5 inches and raises from 3 to 12 inches. It will fit into a 10 gallon tank or larger.

The largest size can be used for tanks 20 gallons or larger, and is large enough for a 15” turtle. It can be adjusted to 16” high.

An additional feature that adds value to the product is a slot where you can put food. As the platform has a grid underneath it, it stays afloat as it creates air pockets.

The platform can also be customized and you can easily add soil or foliage onto it. The two larger platforms can be fitted with a filter. It is also easy to install into your enclosure and fits neatly into the corner. It is easy to remove and clean as well.


This product is easy to assembly.

It is widely accessible, and an affordable addition for your enclosure.

It is durable.

The ramp is textured to allow your turtle to have easy access onto the platform.

The height is adjustable.

The product is fitted with suction cups to keep it stable and in place.

It creates a wonderful area for your turtle to bask in their heat lamp or rest.

It is widely regarded as one of the best turtle platforms.

It is an all in one solution to provide your turtle with a basking area as it comes equipped with a ramp.

It is easily customised.

The platform is made of heavy duty plastic which ensures that it is easy to keep clean.


The platform can fill with water over time as your turtle walks over it and some of the air escapes out of the air pockets underneath.

The food slot may also fill with water which can create a mess if soggy pellets remain in the water.

It is not as suitable for larger turtles.

As it is plastic, you need to be aware that your heat lamp should be placed further away to avoid the plastic warping and melting.

As it is just plastic it may not be the most comfortable for your turtle but this is easily solved with some soil.


This product is a simple addition to your turtles enclosure, and is highly recommended. It is easy to assemble, it provides a dry area for your turtle to rest in and bask in their heat lamp. It is affordable, widely accessible and most importantly durable.

Ultimately it is a wonderful product that is an inclusive solution without taking up too much space within your enclosure and it can fit in tanks from 10 gallons upwards.

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