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Zilla Basking Ramp Review

The Zilla basking ramp come in two different options, in a corner version and in a platform version.

The corner ramp design is better because it also provided a cave which turtles seem to really like. It has openings on both sides so there are options for the turtle to get out and not feel stuck.

The platforms are all very similar except for size and shape. They come in two varieties, a regular basking platform and a corner basking platform.

Zilla Basking Ramp Review

The regular basking platform comes is three sizes:

While the corner basking platforms comes in two sizes:

The product does look great, the steps help smaller reptiles climb it (although the steps are too small for them to make a difference for larger pets), and it is indeed very easy to clean.

Despite what they say about large reptiles, this product is only good for small pet turtles.

Similar to the other basking platforms reviewed the common issue they all have is that they can’t handle larger turtles. For larger turtles you will just need to create your own basking platform.


  • Looks good
  • Cleans very easily
  • Great for small turtles
  • Weighted well to keep it from moving


  • Too small for anything other than small turtles
  • Too Short
  • Don’t allow for enough swimming water

Zilla Basking Platform Overview Video

The below video just gives a quick overview of the regular platform and not the corner one. You can see what it looks like in the setup behind the presenter.


Either Zilla basking ramp can make great additions to your tank, but they will probably be used as a stepping stone for you until your turtle or turtles outgrow it.

Could work well for semi aquatic turtle setups as well as other reptiles.

Depending on your turtle species, this may be enough. For map turtles it could be enough since they don’t get large, but if you have say a female yellow bellied slider, you can pretty much move on past this option.

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