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ZooMed Tortoise House Review

The Zoomed tortoise house is perfect for land turtles including box turtles and small tortoises. Getting your turtle’s enclosure right is one of the most essential aspects of caring for your turtle. Different turtle species require different enclosure types.

Aquatic/semi-aquatic turtles require an aquarium or a pond. Tortoises and box turtles, on the other hand, require pens or tortoise tables (also known as tortoise houses).

This enclosure is great for all small to moderate-sized terrestrial turtles such as box turtles, Russian tortoises, Egyptian tortoises, Greek tortoises, red-footed tortoise, Hermann’s tortoises, and pancake tortoises.

When it comes to small tortoises and box turtles, tortoise tables are the way to go. Building your own can be a complicated ordeal. The best move is to acquire a prefab tortoise house, and the ZooMed tortoise house is arguably the best on the market.

The ZooMed tortoise house review is to help you determine if this enclosure is adequate housing for your chelonian.

What to look out for in a tortoise house (enclosure)? (Criteria for choosing an indoor tortoise enclosure)

Zoo Med Wood Tortoise House

A tortoise house (which also includes tortoise tables) is used to house tortoises and land-based turtles such as box turtles. Unlike turtle tanks, tortoise houses & tables aren’t meant for aquatic species. This goes a long way in deciding what makes a tortoise house suitable.

The first thing to consider includes the materials used in construction. Proper insulation is a major factor here. As such, a good tortoise house are made from wood instead of acrylic plastic or glass. This ensures good insulation. The enclosure doesn’t heat up to ridiculous levels when exposed to sunlight. Similarly, it is able to maintain a nice temperature when it gets cold.

The second thing to consider is the size. The enclosure needs to large enough for the tortoise to feel comfortable. The space with the house in review is sizable. It has more than enough room for a box turtle and other small to moderately sized turtles normally kept as pets.

Also, a question to ask is, can the space within the enclosure be increased when needed? The size within the tortoise house reviewed can be increased by adjoining and screwing two of the tortoise houses together. The removable end panels ensure that this is an easy process.

The third thing to consider is the design of the enclosure. Does it provide a dark sleeping/resting place for the turtle as well as an open space accessible to sunlight?

The fourth thing to consider is the durability of the enclosure. You want an enclosure that can last several years.

ZooMed Tortoise House Review

Let’s take a closer look at the house on review. We will look at the size, construction & design, and how easy it is to modify the house when needed.


The  Zoomed tortoise house has a floor size of 36 inches by 24 inches. This is more than enough for a box turtle or a small to moderately-sized turtle. The height of the house is 12 inches. This is just slightly shorter than what is recommended by most experts but the wire mesh cover keeps the turtle from escaping which is the only concern of a short wall. In terms of size, this tortoise house is perfect.

Construction & Design

This tortoise house is designed for both indoor and outdoor housing, although I recommend this house for indoor use. It is constructed using strong fir wood.

The wood sidings are sturdy, and the design offers protection as well as access to light. This allows for natural UVA/UVB light to enter the enclosure. UVA and UBA lights are essential to the growth and health of the turtle.

When assembled, this tortoise table features a sleeping area that is weatherproof and an open area with a lockable wire mesh cover.

The design of this enclosure makes it accessible to expansion. If you wish to increase the space available to the turtle, all you need to do is remove the end panel (which slides up) and connect another tortoise house.

Applying modifications

This house can also be easily modified if needed. For instance, some builders prefer to install a window on the front using a clear acrylic sheet. This modification allows the turtle owner to see into the enclosure.

Other popular modifications include reinforcing the top lid for more stability especially if your pet cat seems interested in lying atop the enclosure and installing a post that ensures that the top lid can rest at a 45° angle.

Why should you buy the ZooMed tortoise house?

Here are some reasons to get this product for your turtle or tortoise.


Easy Assembly

The ZooMed tortoise house is very easy to use. You don’t need to be handy to get started. It comes prefab. All you need to do is assemble it and then start using it.

Sturdy construction

It is of sturdy construction. The ZooMed tortoise house is well-made. It is made of fir wood. As such, expect it to last. Regardless, you may want to reinforce the construction if you wish to get more out of it.


This tortoise house has two doors with lockable latches. This ensures security. Even the cover which allows access to sunlight can be locked. The wire mesh cover while well made has large holes. This allows for easy access to sunlight but also allows pets such as cats easy access to the turtles.

Additionally, this tortoise house provides a dark enclosure to which the turtle can retreat to and an open part of the enclosure where the turtle can bask.

The sleeping area is weatherproof. As such it provides a nice retreat for the turtle.


With dimensions of 37 x 25 x 13 inches  910x610x305mm · Size: 91 x 61 x 30.5 cm

The tortoise house can be expanded by removing the end panel and connecting another tortoise house.

Well-Designed & Durable

The this turtle cage is reasonably durable and should last several years, at least 10+ years. It is well-designed. It has an open areaand a hiding (resting) spot. Additonally two of these cages can be connected to create a larger enclosure. This is thanks to the removable end panels.


It is best used indoors. The ZooMed tortoise house doesn’t offer enough protection from the elements. If used outdoors, it will need to be moved inside when temperatures drop too low or when the weather gets rough.

Is not good for larger tortoises as they will outgrow the space.

Review Summary

With the  Zoomed tortoise house, you should expect

  • An  enclosure made of high-quality materials and features solid craftsmanship
  • An  enclosure that can be kept indoors or outdoors
  • An  enclosure that is easy to assemble
  • An enclosure that provides security and excellent shelter

The Verdict

The right enclosure goes a long way to ensure that your chelonian is comfortable and secure. Of course, for a turtle to be healthy, it needs to feel secure.

The ZooMed tortoise house is durable, secure, and also provides adequate hiding space as well as access to sunlight, which is needed for a healthy lifestyle. This prefab tortoise house will ensure that your box turtle or tortoise will be safe from household predators and pets.

The ZooMed tortoise house is designed to be used indoors. As such, I advise that you use it only as an indoor enclosure. It is perfect for box turtles, Russian tortoises, Egyptian tortoises, Greek tortoises, Hermann’s tortoises, and pancake tortoises.

If you have any suggestions or questions, kindly leave a comment.

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