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Turtle Shell Problems

This video discusses how to determine if a turtle shell is healthy or not and can help to identify some early issues with your turtles shell.

Some turtle health topics discussed are:

  • Pyramiding – caused by overfeeding or too much protein in their diet
  • Shell Rot – This is a fungal or bacterial condition caused by any of the following, poor diet, lighting, water temperature, water condition or anything else relevant to their habitat. Can also have white spots, it may show the flesh underneath.
  • Alternate signs of a turtle being healthy include Skin color – The one in the video has bright colors and a shiny shell which shows it is well taken care of. If your turtle has a grayish tint to it, or perhaps is head is too small for its body than this may be an indicator of rapid growth which is caused by poor diet.
  • If your pet turtle’s water conditions are kept clean then the should be no algae present on the turtles shell either.

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