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Turtle Newbie

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Welcome to the All Turtles Newbie section!

Being a turtle newbie or tortoise newbie doesn’t have to be overwhelming at all. In an effort to make your life easier we have crafted this quick reference page to get you started fast with your new friend!

What kind of turtle do I have?

This is a huge question that we get a lot! Well, is it really a turtle, or is it a tortoise, or a sea turtle? Check out the following pages to explore which you might have.
Turtle Species
Tortoise Species
Sea Turtle Species

Turtle FAQ

Go here to find a comprehensive list of the top questions plaguing both beginner and experienced turtle owners

Turtle Care Sheets

For general links to relevant pages on both housing and food for land and water turtles you can come here. For a deeper dive into caring for your specific turtle or tortoise, go directly to the page through one of the links above on the species pages.

Turtle Setups

Learn how to build a setup for any type of turtle or tortoise you may have. Both land and water turtles are covered here.

Pet Turtle Basics

Get a complete overview of both the time and costs that are associated with pet turtle ownership here. This is a great resource to look at before you buy or adopt one to get an understanding of what ownership involves.

Turtle Food Facts

While each turtle will vary in its specific diet, this will give you a solid general overview of the types of food you can feed your turtle or tortoise.

First Aid

Did your turtle or tortoise get injured, or is it acting weird? Check out the first aid section to see a number common questions and issues addressed.

Turtle Forum

While the forum isn’t currently active, there is a plethora of information there. Just go to the search bar and see if you can find the answer to your question already answered.

Turtle Terms

As with anything, there will be a specific vocabulary. We have a comprehensive list of words with definitions that are related to the herpetology field.

Turtle Adoption

This is still in development, but we plan to make this a classifieds type page for both people looking to give up their turtle and others who are looking to adopt.

Wrapping Up

We hope this has been a great resource for you and will help get you going on your new turtle or tortoise ownership journey.

Let us know if you have any comments or recommendations on how we can make this page even more useful.

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Brock Yates has a passion for educating people about turtles & tortoises. He manages several websites and has a goal of getting everyone the best and most accurate information to help them with their turtle & tortoise care.


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