Turtle Newbie

Welcome to the All Turtles Newbie section!

This section was created for new turtle owners. We have put together a simple FAQs page that answers some of the most common questions on your mind. For example: “Is my turtle a girl or a boy?” To make this fun, we asked the experts… my turtles Spaz, Buddy and Jade. They were very helpful and happy to be on center stage.

Do you have other questions? Some other sections that you can get a lot of information from are:

Land Turtle


Learn how to care for your turtle and find out what their needs are.

Turtle Tank

Learn what you need for their habitat and how to set it up.

Pet Turtle Care

Learn what kind of supplies you will need to properly care for your turtle.

Learn what kind of food you can feed your turtle.

Different Turtles

Still not sure what kind of turtle you have? Here are a few turtle species with their pictures to use for reference.

All Turtles Logo

A community of other turtle owners to help you.

You can learn a lot from these sections and from other turtle lovers. If you’re not sure what a certain word means on this site, you may be able to find it in our turtle terms section. I’ve tried to include as many turtle related terms as possible in there. Enjoy the site!