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Zoo Med Floating Turtle Log Review

The Zoo Med floating turtle log is another product that offers turtles the chance to get out of the water, at least partially. I wouldn’t recommend it solely as a replacement for a basking platform, but it can be a nice accessory in the tank.

Zoo Med Pet Turtle Log Review


  • Looks like a log and gives a natural feel
  • Provides an area above the water surface
  • Provides an underwater rest area
  • Has several holes to provides various entries & exits
  • Weighted to prevent the log from rolling over
  • Very attractive. Just look at this video
  • Great for hatchlings (not for adults)


  • Free-floating (could be a pro or con but we think it’s better to have it fixed to prevent any possible issues like blocking the filter or basking platform entrance)
  • Difficult to find a way to fix the location (like under the heat lamp as an example
  • There is a high risk of a turtle getting stuck in the log and thus causing it to potentially drown. (As turtles grow the may no longer fit)
  • At 11″ x 6″ diameter, the product is small – only two turtles up to 4″ can bask on top. Even the smallest turtles will likely outgrow it.

In the example video below you can see a larger red eared slider climbing on the log. While it did manage to successfully get on the log thanks to it being weighted and keeping it from rolling, you can see that it doesn’t get the turtle fully out.

The issue with the turtle not being fully out is that means it can’t completely dry off while basking. Water turtles are ok to be in water, but it is good to have an option for them to completely get out.


In my opinion the Zoo Med pet turtle log is a nice option for younger turtles that are below 4″ in size, but as they grow their needs will change.

If you decide to buy this, then at some stage you will need to upgrade the accessories as your turtle grows. You can see this related article on how fast turtles grow to pinpoint roughly when you should be planning setup upgrades.

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