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Rena XP3 Filter Review [Discontinued]

Filstar Rena XP3 Review

The Rena XP3 Filter is no longer for sale, but was highly recommended and inexpensive option to add into your turtles enclosure while still ensuring it operated at the highest possible level.

A great alternative to this canister filter is the Fluval Fx4, which is rated for up to 250GPH.

You can read more about it on our page about choosing a filter for your turtle tank. There are other options listed there as well as all the things to consider when purchasing a filter.

A filter is a vital part that helps your animals receive oxygen and also cleans the water with regular circulation.

It’s important to ensure that ammonia and nitrite are removed from the tank which is done through a filter.

When looking for a suitable filter you need to ensure that it is durable and easy to clean, as well as is a reliable product to add into your enclosure.

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Rena XP3 Setup Video
Rena XP3 Review Video

What are you looking for when choosing a filter?

When choosing a filter, a reliable product that has been tried and tested is key. The best options will have a three stage filtration system – one that is mechanical, chemical and bacterial.

A mechanical filtration system catches waste, or any other floating particle in the tank and a chemical filter will ensure that the decomposing waste does not change the chemical balances.

A bacteria filter boosts beneficial bacteria in sponges, bio-cubes or within the filters.

Something to also keep in mind with your filter, when you clean it you should not automatically remove the water and clean the sponges under tap water as healthy bacteria will have built up in there.

By removing healthy bacteria and placing new water into the filter you risk harming your turtles.

The product should be made of high quality material, and should be sized correctly for your tank and its needs. For example, for small species of turtles such as Mud turtles that get up to 5 inches big, you will need a 50 gallon tank (the size of your turtle multiplied by 10 for one turtle).

The filter will therefore need to be able to filter 25-50 gallons of water for small turtles and over 150 gallons for larger turtles or multiple turtles kept together in a larger tank.

Additionally, if the product comes with a warranty and is easy to install and maintain then it is especially worth investing in. Another bonus to look for in a filter is if it works quietly.

You should also bear in mind that your turtle enclosure will need a strong and reliable filter as turtles create more waste than fish. It is advisable to choose a filter than can work for a tank 2-3 sizes larger than your current one due to this.

How to setup the Rena XP3 Filter Video

Product overview

The Rena XP3 Filter is a popular product that turtle owners and other aquatic pet owners have included into their aquatic tanks. It is suitable for tanks up to 175 US gallons, and has a canister volume of 2 US gallons.

What is great about the Rena XP3 Filter is it comes with a free lifetime of technical support and a 2 year warranty.

It has a three stage filtration system whereby it has a mechanical filtration system, a chemical filtration system and a biological filtration system. This ensures that your tank is kept in pristine condition while also protecting the biological balance within it.

It is 9 3/8” L  x 8 1/4″ W x 16 3/8”, and fits into a cabinet beneath a tank neatly. The pipes are tucked away and are easy to replace if need be.

Reviews of the product have also shown that it is easily customizable to your needs, and simple to maintain and clean. The sponges included fit easily into the mechanisms and trap the waste, and they are accessible and therefore quick to replace.

It is an award winning filter, and is built in order for larger particles to fall to the bottom of the tiered system, in order to reduce maintenance. It’s an external filter, also known as a canister filter which does not take up space within your enclosure.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can be used for large tanks up to 175 gallons
  • The clasps tightly secure the box and prevent water from spilling out if it happens to fall over
  • East to build and install
  • Affordable
  • Has a 2 year warranty and a lifetime technical support guarantee
  • Customizable
  • The pipes are easy to disconnect
  • The media baskets have handles, which makes stacking and cleaning easier to do and the priming system remains fill while you are cleaning the filter to ensure you don’t need to re-prime after each clean
  • The rubber feet of the unit help it to stay in place and reduce noise


  • It is noisier than other brands
  • It slows down faster than other brands as the sponge pads pick up debris
  • It comes with fewer media blocks, however these are easy to get

Rena XP3 Review Video


The Rena XP3 Filter is an affordable option and works reliably. It is easy to clean, install and maintain however it has been said to be noisier than other options and it can become slower quicker as it cleans your tank.

The clips on the unit secure tightly to ensure it does not easily spill, and it comes with exceptional additional features such as a 2 year warranty and a lifetime of technical support. It can also be used for tanks up to 175 gallons big.

Customer reviews confirmed that the product is well worth its price and is a trusted filter to include in your tank. It will reliably do its job and I would recommend this product to include in your tank. It is recommended you research and compare multiple brands to ensure it is the best fit for your enclosure.

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