Indoor Water Turtle Setup

Indoor Water Turtle Setup

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Here is a general setup for an indoor water turtle. What we have here is a 45 gallon long tank. Let us start with the basic necessities. The filter we used is Aqua Clear 300. This filter is generally used for a tank of 75 gallons.

Since turtles are very dirty, and we have 3 of them, this filter works nice for our tank size. We only have to change the water 1 to 2 times a month with. You need a UVB light which is necessary for the processing of their vitamins.

A heat lamp that provides a good heat source while sun bathing on the ‘beach’. We used a submersible heater that has controllable temperature settings. We have ours set to 76 degrees.

Indoor Turtle Tank

On the front we placed one of those sticker temperature strips to tell us what the actual water temperature is. We have placed a poster like backdrop on the back. For weeks my turtles thought that they could actually crawl through the picture! They finally figured it out. :)

We used some of those plastic plants for hiding in. We also laid one of those ceramic logs on its side. They use this to help them get on to the ‘beach’ and to sun bathe on. Here is how I made the ‘beach’: We first had to take all of the water and rocks out. We took a piece of plexy glass and cut it to size.

We placed it at an angle. We used a special aquarium glue to glue the plexy glass in place. We had to let the glue dry completely (about 48 hours). Next we filled the ‘beach’ side.

We placed big rocks in first. This is to take up the bulk of the room. Then we filled up the rest of the space with a pebble sized aquarium rocks. We filled up the water and beach only part way to ensure that we don’t have any turtle escapes.

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