Turtle First Aid - Turtle Injuries or Bites

My turtle is injured

Turtle Claw

Is your turtle alive or unconscious? If they are unconscious, they may need oxygen. I wouldn’t recommend mouth to mouth, however a light puff of air in their face may help for oxygen.

If they are bleeding heavily, you need to stop it. To slow the bleeding, cool your turtle down. You should clean the wound with use hydrogen peroxide or Beta dine to prevent any infection.

Your turtle may be in shock For at least 48 hours you should cover them with a clean towel and keep them in a clean, cool, dry place. You should clean the wound regularly.

Severed limbs may heal over with no complications in most cases. The affected area will heal itself as best as it can. The part that won’t heal will just shrivel up and fall away. It is your responsibility to keep it clean. If infection occurs, take your turtle to the vet.

Leave your turtle alone to heal, but do the necessary tasks.