Turtle First Aid - Drowned Turtle

I think my turtle has drowned

floating turtle

If your turtle has drowned, they may still be alive but unconscious. Remember, they can be with out oxygen for a long time. Never turn turtle on its back! If you do this, you may eliminate it’s only airspace left.

Here are some steps to take.

  1. Grasp the turtle’s head behind the ears at the base of the skull and extend the neck completely.
  2. Turn it head-down / tail-up and open its mouth. Some water will drip out.
  3. After the dripping stops, place the turtle on a flat surface (belly-down) keeping its neck extended.
  4. Straighten his front legs and pull them straight towards you as far as they can go.
  5. Keeping the legs straight, push them in as far as they will go.
  6. Continue pulling and pushing until the water stops coming out.
  7. Take the turtle to the vet so they can administer oxygen.

If this happens to your turtle, they usually develop pneumonia which will require antibiotics from a vet.