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66 Turtle Gifts For Every Turtle Lover

Gifts for turtle lovers can be a challenge, but at the same time if you already know what they love, it’s that much easier!

Below are 66 of the best turtle gift ideas you can use to get that special person(or yourself) something that will really bring a spark of joy and excitement to them on whatever special occasion it is you are celebrating.

All The Best Turtle Gifts for Turtle Lovers by Category

1.Turtle Gifts For the Kitchen
2.Turtle Gifts For the Bedroom
3.Turtle Gifts For the Bathroom
4.Turtle Gifts For the Patio
5.Turtle Gifts For the Office
6.Turtle Gifts For the Living Room
7.Turtle Gifts For the Garage
8.Turtle Gifts For the Beach
9.Turtle Lighting
10.Turtle Jewlery Gifts
11.Turtle Gifts For Kids

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Sea Turtle bracelets

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Turtle Gifts For the Kitchen

1. The Classic Turtle Mug

A turtle mug is always a classic gift you can go with for mom or dad. It goes well with pretty much anything, whether it’s coffee, tea, or some tasty chocolate milk!

2. The Coozie

Another classic gift also related to your drink is the coozie! Keeps any canned drink cool for a longer time. Put your Coke, Juice, or Beer in it and enjoy your cold drink for longer.

3. Sea Turtle To Go Mug

Everyone needs a mug to take their coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in! Why not get a mug with their name on it and a sweet sea turtle too!

4. Sea Turtle Shaped Cutting Board

How about a sea turtle shaped cutting board! Everyone needs to cut something at some point, vegetables, mozzarella, sandwiches, the list goes on!

5. Sea Turtle Glasses

Want a different style of glass? How about these stemless wine glasses with a turtle design on them?

6. Glass Turtle Wine Stopper

Do you know a wine lover? How about a wine stopper shaped like a turtle?

7. Measuring Spoons

Want to take the measuring game up a notch? How about these fancy turtle measuring spoons!

8. Turtle Shaped Trivet (For Hot Pots, Pans, & Plates)

9. Tortoise Toothpick Holder

Even if you aren’t a turtle or tortoise fan, how could you not love this little tortoise toothpick holder?

Turtle Gifts For the Bedroom

10. Sea Turtle Sheet Set

Everyone loves sleeping, so why not wake up to a sea turtle everyday!

11. Baby Sea Turtle Fitted Sheet

If the full set is too much, or you prefer to be a bit more discreet, how about just the fitted sheet with baby sea turtles on it?

12. Another Sea Turtle Design Fitted Sheet

If you loved the last sea turtle sheet, your gonna love this one too.

13. Sea Turtle Duvet Set

For those of you who really want to show of your love for sea turtles, theres nothing better than a sea turtle duvet set!

14. Sea Turtle Wall Decals

Make it feel like you are immersed in the ocean, paint the wall blue and add this group of sea turtle decals.

15. More Sea Turtle Wall Decals

Pair these with the above set of decals to add a little variety in the design.

16. Sea Turtle Canvas Painting

If you prefer a more classic approach this sea turtle painting has a more classy or adult like look.

17. Happier Than A Turtle On An Escalator!

Nothing like a motivational phrase to start your day with!

Turtle Gifts For the Bathroom

18. Sea Turtle Shower Curtain With Rugs & Toilet Cover

Feel like you’re in the ocean surrounded by sea life with a complete set including a shower curtain with a sea turtle, rug and seat cover too!

19. Sea Turtle Design Shower Curtain

Maybe the set is too much, so how about a different style turtle shower curtain instead?

20. Bohemia Sea Turtle Shower Curtain

Personally I prefer this shower curtain, you will really feel immersed in the ocean with all the beautiful sea life around.

21. Sea Turtle Hand Towel Set

Everyone’s gotta brush their teeth, so why not compliment the shower curtain with this sweet turtle style toothbrush holder.

22. Sea Turtle Toilet Paper Holder

This is a more subtle design sea turtle toilet paper holder that can add a touch of class to anyone’s bathroom.

23. Sea Turtle Toilet Seat Lid Decal

This one is a little harder to apply then the rug style lid cover, but could add for some fun time together when installing it.

24. Sea Turtle Toilet Bath Mat Set

If you prefer to avoid the difficulty of applying a decal and getting all the bubbles out of it, then go with this rug style set instead.

25. Hawaiian Sea Turtle Wall Decor

Wrapping up for the bathroom, how about another wall hanging picture of a sea turtle immersed in ocean life.

Turtle Gifts For the Patio

26. Turtle Key Hider

Everyone forgets their keys at some point in time, and that is where this rustic style turtle key hider could come in handy.

27. Turtle Ashtray

This is a great entertainment piece for those get togethers where someone needs an turtle ashtray. You could also get creative and use it for incense too.

28. Mini Turtle Planters

These adorable mini turtle planters are great for growing small plants in and keeping around the house for a little laugh.

29. Drunk Sea Turtle Bottle Holder

This one is a little different design, but is more adorable. There is nothing cuter than a drunk sea turtle holding your bottle for you.

30. Sea Turtle Salt & Pepper Set

This sea turtle salt and pepper shaker set will sit with you through dinner and make you feel like you have company too.

31. Another Sea Turtle Salt & Pepper Set

This turtle salt and pepper shaker set is a little more decorative and could be a good option if you didn’t like the one above.

32. Sitting Turtle Salt & Pepper Set

Yep, another turtle salt and pepper set. I love how this one is just sitting with a cool face :).

33. Happy Baby Turtle Salt & Pepper Set

Ok, I know. It’s a lot of salt and pepper sets. I promise it’s the last one, but really, how can you say no to this happy turtle sitting there with it’s smile.

Turtle Gifts For the Office

34. Sea Turtle Wallet

Keep those business cards crisp and clean with this turtle print business card holder.

35. Cute Tortoise Figurines

These cute baby tortoise figurines are great to put everywhere. Since there is a set of 4, you can either group them together or bring one wherever you go.

36. Sea Turtle Snow Globe

This sea turtle snow globe is a classic gift that can be used year round and put on a desk or with your books.

37. Hand Blown Glass Turtle Ornament

How about these beautiful glass turtle ornaments to go along with the snow globe above?

38. Sea Turtle Figurine Hatching

This hatching sea turtle figurine is one of my personal favorites! The detail on it is incredible.

39. Bottle Cap Turtle Trinket

These turtle bottle caps are great for the office, they are magnetic so could even make for great paper clip holders.

40. Sea Turtle Magnets

These beautiful sea turtle magnets go great in the kitchen on the fridge or on your bulletin board to hold your notes.

41. Sea Turtle Coasters

Keep those rings off of the table with these sea turtle design coasters. Everyone has a glass that needs this.

42. More Turtle Coasters

Here are some more turtle coasters with a little more subtle and rustic design.

43. Ceramic Sea Turtle Coasters

Last set, I promise. These sea turtle coasters are made out of ceramic and have a cork backing, for a more luxurious feel.

Turtle Gifts For the Living Room

44. Sea Turtle Pattern Area Rug

A sea turtle pattern rug could be a great option for the play room for the kids.

45. Round Sea Turtle Area Rug

This round sea turtle rug has more diversity with a different map like design on it.

46. Modern Sea Turtle Area Rug

Here is a sea turtle rug that will look great in any room and will add some sophistication to the environment too.

47. Sea Turtle Chair

This sea turtle chair is great for sitting or even as a plant holder. It’s very elegant and will fit in with any decor.

48. Turtle Ottoman

The turtle ottoman footstool has an elegant design that will go great in your living room and could even go well in a library too.

49. Turtle Upholstered Ottoman

This turtle ottoman has a more fun design and is a great place for the kids to sit and play in the living room.

50. Vintage Brass Turtle Clock

Here is a more classic design turtle clack that pairs well with the elegant ottoman above.

51. Sea Turtle Pillow

Everyone has throw pillows on their couch, so why not spice it up with these sea turtle pillow cases.

52. Sea Turtle Fleece Blanket

Add a sea turtle throw blanket into the mix with this.

Turtle Gifts For the Garage

53. Turtle Parking Sign

This turtle parking sign is a great addition for any garage.

Turtle Gifts For the Beach

54. Sea Turtle Beach Bag

Everyone needs a good beach bag! This turtle designed bag is great for carrying all those things you need for your next trip.

55. Sea Turtle Beach Blanket

Pair this unique turtle beach blanket with your bag above for your next trip.

Turtle Lighting

56. Turtle String Lights

These turtle string lights can go great in a room, or outside at a garden party. Just make sure they are protected from the rain.

Turtle Jewelry Gifts

57. Turtle Trinket Jewelry Box

If you’ve got jewelry, then these next items are for you. This turtle trinket box is great for those smaller items you want to keep safe.

58. Sea Turtle Jewelry Box

Here is another style of turtle jewelry box, though it has a nice design to where it could really hold anything.

59. Wooden Box With Turtle Design

Here is another turtle box that you could put anything in. Jewelry, screws, snacks, literally anything.

60. Lucky Turtle Charm

Everyone needs a little luck, so why not get them a lucky turtle charm. It can even go in one of the boxes above!

61. Handmade Sea Turtle Bracelet

Here is a cool turtle bracelet that has a Hawaiian style and will make anyone feel like they are on vacation.

Turtle Gifts For the Kids

62. 3D Turtle Nightlight

For those nights when the kids are afraid, make them feel safe with this turtle night light. It has a cool 3d design!

63. Another Turtle Nightlight

Here is a more basic style design turtle night light with similar features as the above.

64. Sea Turtle Sleeping Bag

This soft turtle sleeping bag is adorable and will keep the kiddos warm and happy.

65. Sea Turtle Clock

Here is a sea turtle clock made out of a vinyl record. This would look cool in any room, not just the kids room.

66. Turtle Pendulum Wall Clock

Here is a more fun wall clock for the kids what will have them laughing everytime they see it.

Wrapping Up

Did you manage to find the perfect turtle gift in our list? Let us know what you chose in the comments below! If you have things you think we should add, tell us too!

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