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What Is The Turtle Symbol Meaning? (With Video)

From history to present day there are many belief symbols. Some are of good omens and some are of bad omens. We even see some of these symbols in our dreams. Have you ever wondered what the turtle symbol represents in different cultures and meanings? In this article I summarize some of those symbol beliefs. […]


World Turtle Day

When is World Turtle Day?May 23rd When did World Turtle Day start? It started in 2000 ​Who Sponsors it?American Tortoise Rescue How is it celebrated? You can celebrate it in a variety of ways, but some include: Wearing Green Clothes, Dressing up as a Turtle, Saving Turtles, Research, and helping to create awareness.   Check […]


How to catch a turtle

How to Catch a Turtle Some people love to catch and keep turtles as pets. However, this act can be unhealthy and inhumane. If you decide to catch a turtle, ensure that you put him back to where you found him. This article explains how to catch one and handle him without harm. If you […]