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INKBIRD ITC-308 Temperature Controller Review – A Game-Changer for Precise Temperature Control

We’re back with an intriguing product from the smart home experts at INKBIRD. The ITC-308 Temperature Controller promises out-of-the-box temperature management for various applications. But how does it fare, especially when it comes to creating the perfect environment for our turtle and tortoise friends? Let’s dive in!


INKBIRD is a pioneering brand in the smart IoT universe, dedicated to enriching our smart home experiences. They boast three primary product categories:

  1. Smart controllers,
  2. Food thermometers, and
  3. Smart sensors.

With their commitment to quality and innovation, it’s no wonder INKBIRD products are making waves in the market.

INKBIRD ITC-308 Features at a Glance:

InkBird ITC-308 unboxed
InkBird ITC-308 unboxed
  1. Dual Functionality: The device can power both refrigeration and heating equipment, adapting to changes seamlessly.
  2. Intuitive Dual Display: Monitor the current temperature alongside the target temperature with ease.
  3. Safety First: With an output of 1100W(110V) and 2000W(220V), safety features such as compressor delay and temperature alarms are invaluable.
  4. Voltage Versatility: Whether you’re in the US with a US-style plug or in Europe with the European-style plug, the ITC-308 has you covered with its 100-240V range.

INKBIRD ITC-308 in a Turtle and Tortoise Habitat Setting:

1. Turtle Basking Spot Lamps:

Turtles thrive when their basking spots have the right temperature, and any fluctuation can be detrimental. The ITC-308 ensures that your turtle’s basking spot lamp maintains the desired temperature. Its dual functionality of heating and cooling means that whether it’s summer or winter, your turtle has the ideal basking spot.

2. Safety Thermostat for Aquarium Heaters:

We all know how aquarium heaters can sometimes fail, either overheating the water or not heating it enough. With the ITC-308’s safety features, including the high and low-temperature alarms, you can ensure that your aquatic pets have a stable environment. No more worrying about temperature spikes or drops!

3. Heating Pads for Tortoise and Box Turtle Enclosures:

Tortoises and box turtles require consistent temperatures in their enclosures. The ITC-308 is a game-changer for those using heating pads. It ensures that the pads provide a steady warmth, mimicking the natural temperature these creatures would experience in the wild.

Real-world Amazon Reviews – What Users Are Saying:

Reliability & Versatility: One user mentioned its dependable performance even after a year and a half. Whether it’s controlling heaters or cooling fans, the ITC-308 handles the task well. However, the user noted a desire for more specific temperature range settings.

Enhanced Efficiency: Another user observed a significant reduction in temperature fluctuations in their older freezer. But, they did mention a preference for a longer and more flexible power cord.

Setup Challenges: Some users found the setup process more intricate than expected, with a few calling out the display’s dimness and complexity in adjusting settings.

InkBird ITC-308 Digital readings
InkBird ITC-308 Digital readings on its display. The camera doesnt do it justice but the display is bright and easy to read from any angle.

Precise Control: Multiple users appreciated the controller’s ability to maintain specific temperature ranges with minimal fluctuations, proving valuable for applications like cloning systems and kegorators.

Technical Specs off the Box:

  • Temperature Control Range: 50C-120C / 58F – 248F
  • Input Power: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60Hc
  • Max Output: 10A, 100-240AC
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Video review of the INKBIRD ITC-308

How accurate is the ITC-308?

INKBIRD ITC-308 Temperature accuracy

The ITC-308 has a temperature accuracy of ±1°C within the range of -50°C to 70°C and ±2°F within the range of -58°F to 160°F.

What is the difference between Inkbird ITC-308 and ITC 308S?


The primary difference between the INKBIRD ITC-308 and ITC-308S is the interchangeable probe. Both the ITC-308 and ITC-308S offer two probe types: one with a metal/NTC probe and another with an aquarium probe that includes a suction cup.

What is the temperature range for the Inkbird ITC-308?

INKBIRD ITC-308 Temperature Range

The temperature range for the Inkbird ITC-308 is 50°C-120°C / 58°F – 248°F.

Our Take:

The ITC-308 is a testament to INKBIRD’s commitment to offering products that enhance our everyday lives. Whether you’re into home brewing, pet breeding, or just need precise temperature control for any equipment, this controller seems promising.

While we love its features and versatility, potential buyers should be prepared for a slight learning curve during the setup process.

[This post is sponsored by INKBIRD, but all opinions and reviews are based on our genuine experiences and trials with the product.]

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