Turtle First Aid – Swollen Eyes and Vitamin A Deficiencies

Turtle Vitamin A deficiency

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My turtle has swollen eyes

​Swollen eyes are common in turtles and usually pneumonia related. Poor nutrition and dirty water could cause this as well. If your turtle is sluggish, not eating, or shows any other symptom along with the swollen eyes, take your turtle to the vet. It sounds like your turtle may have a serious health problem and could need antibiotics.

Vitamin A deficiency could be another one of the many causes for the swollen eyes. I have read that soaking your turtle twice a day for 15 minutes in a separate container and using a saline solution or Turtle Eye Clear will make your turtle more comfortable.

It will help if you start this treatment immediately upon noticing the problem. You can add a small amount of vitamins to their food every other day.

Don’t just assume that it is vitamin A deficiency. Try and rule out other possibilities first. If the problems persist and don’t seem to be getting better, take your turtle to the vet.

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