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Exo Terra Turtle Bank Review

The Exo Terra turtle bank is a great option when it comes to turtle banks and basking platforms for smaller turtles. It’s a good design and installs easily using two small magnets.

Like all the other basking platforms including the Zoo Med floating platform and the zilla floating platform this one is also really only a good option for smaller turtles.

That being said this one is one of my more preferred commercial platforms.

Exo Terra Turtle Bank Review


  • Magnets are strong and do a rather good job
  • Floats very (without a large turtle)
  • Durable material which doesn’t let turtles eat it easily like other platforms
  • Natural look
  • Adjusts to water levels (though magnets need moved)


Boo: One very strong negative point overshadows the many things this turtle product has going for it….

  • The main con for this is just that it doesn’t work for large turtles like a 9 inch red eared slider.


You can easily remove the platform from the tank since it is just held in by magnets. Clean it with clean water and a soft bristle brush to get off any debris and algae that may have started to grow.

As time goes on it may become stained by the algae since it tends to be quite difficult to remove and clean off.

Exo Terra Turtle Bank Review Video

The video review below highlights some great selling points about the platform and it’s ease of installation and use.


For small and medium turtles the Exo Terra floating turtle bank is a great option. If you have larger turtles, say larger than 6 inches you may be better off building your own custom turtle basking platform.

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