Outdoor Land Turtle Setup

Outdoor Land Turtle Setup

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Here is a general setup for an outdoor land turtle. You will want to make sure that you have a protective cover or door on top. This is to protect your turtle from predators (like dogs or raccoons) and to prevent them from escaping.

Raccoons are very smart animals and can figure out how to open doors. To prevent this make sure that you keep a lock on the door. You can make the door out of some type of heavy duty screen.

Never use glass or plexiglass! This can cause a greenhouse effect and can cook your turtle. No turtle soup! Fried turtle nor baked turtle!

Outdoor Land Turtle Setup

The basic necessities are to have a food dish, water dish, shady areas (ei: some shrubs to hide and cool off under) and a place for your turtle to hide. Sometimes they feel stressed and need to hide from the world.

If you have multiple turtles in the same home, make sure that you have a hiding place for each. Check the food dish often, bugs may get into their food.

It’s very important that you keep a shallow water dish rather than a deep one. Land turtles are not good swimmers. They may drown if in too deep of water. I have drawn in a pretty simple looking ladder.

Although they are great climbers you should have a way for them to enter and exit the water. That way they don’t flip over on their backs in the water and drown.

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