rusty, blotchy patches on skin

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my baby is 17 and is a western pond turtle
and something else(i think). she developed
rusty, blotchy patches on her underside,
in the areas under her legs and claws
(where her limbs come out from the shell)
around her neck(where it comes out from
the shell--only on one side so far), and
under her jaw line-going down to to the
base of her plaston. this is on her skin only.
not her shell. i keep her ultra clean, plus she gets 1/100 part chlorhexidine baths on a regular basis. i put vitamin b drops and dissolved some vitamin c in her water and that seems to make some of it peel off. it peeled off under her jaw area some and down by her butt. she also is not climbing up on her rock
and stays in the water all day. she is not lethargic as when we go to the park, she displys her usual abundance of energy. she shows no other signs of ailment, as she\'s perky, and full of personality, and eats well as usual. i would like some suggestions as i hope to cure her on my own w/o spending hundreds at a vet. thank you!
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Sounds like some kind of fungus or skin bacteria. Which would need some type of medication to clear up. She is probably staying in the water because the water is relieving the discomfort she is feeling. I am Nickos mom and I work in a vets office I am not a vet though, just a Tech. I would not put off going in and have the effected areas swabbed and checked under a microscope. We dont handle a lot of reptiles at our office just snotty poddles! But if she is hanging out in the water all of the time it is a sign she is REALLY uncomfortable. Good luck! Keep me posted on how everything comes out. I hope all goes well. Nickos Mom, Juli
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Hi repto,
I justed talked to Dr. Stevens. He said he wont make any opinions without seeing the turtle. But he did say you should probably not wait to take to her a vet.

actually, she is going up on her rock
now. some more of it peeled off yesterday
with the vitamin C soak (250mgs per gallon).

i\'m looking online for herbal topical fungal
remedies--there\'s actually a citrus-based
one called Agrisept.

a goldenseal and echinacea bath is also recommended.

i will try these and see if i can get Agrisept
priced down.

(she hates tea tree oil-so that\'s out).

if she does not show major improvement by
the 15th, off to a vet we go!

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Agrisept may be a bit strong for her, if she is tender especially. I take agrisept myself. iT is mostly oils from the peel of different citrus fruits. Might be kinda harsh.

most of the brownish film
on her skin has peeled
off--and if i had got the
agrisept, i\'d\'ve diluted it a lot-
not used it full strength.

anyway, i din\'t buy the argisept yet
as the vitamin c baths/soaks are
working very well. 75% of the
brownish film has peeled off her

thank you.
not as urgent as i originally thought.

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