Kiddie pools for the biggin's!

Post any questions you have about a turtle indoor setup here. Or if you have a link to your indoor setup picture we would love to see it.

Greets All!

Today I came across your message board and I must say I have had a few interesting hours of getting to know each you through your love and devotion to your red ear sliders....Great crew! Congrats!

My husband Rodney and I enjoy the company of four red ear sliders....our three girls, "Matilda" at 9", "Franklina" at 6" and "Flower at 6 1/2" and then our fella, "Photo" at 5 1/2"

I've worked most of my life with exotic animals and in various pet stores and I must say, it's a pleasure seeing the vitality I have witnessed here on this message board today...

As hard as it is to choke down, there are many people who make their living off exploiting many fine animals for profit, and in order to make $$$'s, they give out false advice, or half-truths to an animal's true characteristics and habitat needs....deplorable? YES! but it's people like you who educate through your love for a majestic reptile and for that you all deserve to be commended!

Rodney and I are in the beginning stages of designing a new indoor habitat for our large turtle family with renovations to be started in March and hope there will be a few here who'd like to share in our fun!

While preparations are being made to renovate our familyroom and start with the lagoon, we have transferred our babes from their large aquarium into a "little tykes" wading pool!! believe me, there is a reason to this madness, but someone needs to ask!!)

In the meantime, while Matilda, Franklina, Flower and Photo are awaiting the start of their new home, they are enjoying the benefits of living in a kiddie pool complete with slippery slide!

Frankie, always a robust and active turtle spends her day trudging up a ramp to the top of the slide and whizzing down it just as fast as she can! Matilda is a close second in the fun and games and this is how they spend their playful hours, just like two five year olds on a Saturday afternoon at the park! Who's have ever thought a kiddie pool would become such a wonderous adventure?

Thank you all for sharing your experiences and love...this has been a wonderful pleasure!

Respectfully Yours,

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ha ha! thats really cool. so whats the lagoon going to look like? dimensions?
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COOL! I can just imagine how cute it must be to watch turtles go down a kiddie pool slide!
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Hi, it was awsome to read your message. I am so into my turtles and I wish I could give them a bigger home then they have, they are both still in tanks right now. I hope someday when I get a house to have a setup in the backyard for them. I wanted to ask how you got into working with exotic animals, I really want to work in a zoo but I am kinda of clueless how to persue it. if you could give me any tips that would be great. Good luck with the new housing. say hi to the turtles for me.

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