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Post questions or pictures of your pond setups.
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Hi everybody, recently, my dad came home with a timer for electrical things. He said i could have it, so i took it to my room, and i plugged my turtles' lights into it. now they turn on and off at the same time everyday, so their daytime isnt regulated by my sleep schedule :lol: (before, on weekends, i would wake up at 10 and their lights would turn on then, but on schooldays, it would be 6:30 ish... big difference) so now, they turn on at 6:50 everyday and turn off at 8:30 ish. its great. they are happier, i think. it is also great for when you go on vacation, you know that your lights will turn on and off when you want them too, so if you get someone to take care of them when you are gone, it is one less thing they (or you ) need to worry about. They arent very expensive, and it is really a good thing to have. Obviously, the heater and filter arent plugged into it, nor is my red heat lamp, but only becuase i dont want it on all the time, it gets too warm. but ya, the uvb and the uva light are both hooked up to the thing, which then plugs into the wall outlet. its great! so ya, investing in one of these things is a good idea.
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