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Post your turtle first aid questions here.
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hy! I tried to post yesterday so sorry if this is a repeat message. :P A girl at work gave me 2 baby RES. I\'ve handled turtles before, but they were painters and I let them back in the wild after a week or two. I\'ve been cutting up worms (live-bait stuff) and feeding it to them. Is this alright? Also how can I keep their water warm? How deep should the water be? And how often is it healthy for them to sleep?
Sorry for all the questions but I don\'t wanna kill \'em! :D
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I think it\'s okay to feed them worms & things of that nature, because they are carnivorous when they are younger. You could also feed them fish, shrimp, leafy greens, mine even like bits of chicken.

If you want to keep their H2O temp up, then you should get them an underwater heater. It\'s this thing that looks like a big thermometer. Their water temperature should be kept (according to the pet store guy around my way), at around 76 degrees.

The deepness of the water depends on how big they are. The water level should be enough to cover the length of their shells, and be comfortable for them to swim around in, but low enough for them to come up for air when they need to. If you don\'t already have rocks & stuff for them to sit on when they are tired/basking, then you should get some.

Regarding sleep, I don\'t know how much sleep they need, but I\'ve noticed that mine fall asleep around the same time that I turn off the light in the living room (where their tank is) night I stayed up reading, so they stayed up until I went to bed around 2am. I guess they go to sleep when it is \"night time\", so it\'s whenever they are in the dark. I would think taht it would be healthy for them to sleep as long as they need to though.

Hope this helps :D and I hope I did not write too much!
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