Noise and The way my tuttle floats...

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Ok...well I found out ALOT of stuff on my tuttle (turtle), and now I don\'t think I could live without the little booger...thanks to everyone\'s help on the ATMB (All turtles Mess. board). You know, there is just a thing or 2 that I would like to know for now, while my little booger is makes this sorta clicking sound or something to that extent and I was wondering if that was normal, cause it only happenes when he takes too big of a bite of his food pellet and (I think) is trying to spit alittle back out. Also, is it guarenteed that a turtle has an infection of the respiratory, if his back end is floating up and the front is dipping down more?...(not all the time). Once again, thanks for every one\'s help.

P.S. To all those people that want to start a new thread, read all posts b4 you do, because chances are that your question was asked befor. Lord knows if I didn\'t check out the whole board, alot of the sr. members would have been going thru Deja vu...haha...Peace
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