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Greetings. I found a Red Ear Slider on my front lawn about a month ago. I live in the South Texas area and we recently had some massive flooding up north. I\'m figuring that this could have contributed to it\'s sudden appearance. I placed it outside in a secure outdoor environment which consists of sand, plants, and a 30\" x 24\" plastic \"pool\" with an incline (5\" depth max). This \"pool\" is actually a baby bath tub that\'s somewhat easy to clean (I change the water and scrub the tub every three days). The turtle is six to seven inches in lenght. I realize that a Red Ear of this size needs a much larger area to swim in, but my top priority was to give it some form of shelter and comfort. I did not ask to have this turtle but I just couldn\'t let it die. Considering all the traffic, animals, and other dangerous obstacles outside of my home, I\'m surprised it even made it this far. I currently have a box turtle (non-aquatic, low maintanance turtle)and I used to own four baby Red Ear Sliders for quite a few years which I never had any problems with ( I eventually gave them away).
So now to the question: This Red Ear Slider has flakey soft spots on it\'s upper shell. There seems to be holes forming on it\'s sides and slight cracks on it\'s shell. It seems as if the shell wants to fall to pieces. I truly want to save this animal from dying as well as provide it with an efficient outdoor environment if not a good home. I\'m currently feeding it turtle food (green pellets) and I wash it\'s shell as often as possible. Any help that you may provide will be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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Ok, it sounds like shell rot, which I am treating a pet store rescued turtle right now. Here are several websites that will help you. Cecil\'s is slowly clearing up, it is time consuming but well worth it.

This is a picture of Cecil, when I first brought him home:


is this what it looks like?

if so... here are the websites:


http://petturtle.htmlplanet.com/turtlea ... llrot.html

The most important part is taking him completely out of the water. It is ok, as long as you let him soak during the day for about 1/2 hour. If you have any questions, you can email me directly. Hope this helps.
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