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I am concerned about my turtle. She was overweight for a while, but wouldn\'t eat anything more than reptomin sticks. Now that I gave her a lake to swim in, she is much more active, eats more, and appears to be losing weight. I feed her every other day, usually a bit of lettuce and a berry or two, and reptomin once or twice a week ( vet said they were fattening and to use sparingly ) but she is losing weight still and so I was wondering how much is enough when I feed her? Do they stop eating when they\'ve had enough, or do they keep going? I put a piece of cuttlebone in the water and she nibbles once in a while. Are a few leaves of romaine lettuce and a two or three berries too much or not enough. How much do turtles generally eat in one sitting? I am just concerned cause whenever I put my fingers up to the glass or in the water ( even with rubber gloves ) she chases after then with her mouth open.
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