Aquatic Turtles For SALE or TRADE!!!

Do you have a turtle up for adoption or do you want to adopt one? Have some turtle related items for sale?
Post your classifieds or your adoption notices here. Please don't post personal information (ex: your phone number)
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I have the following aquatic turtles:

1 South American Yellow Spotted River Turtle (7") $350

2 Alligator Snappers (5" and 4") $45 each

2 Diamondback Terrapins (6" and 5½") $90 each

1 Red Cheek Mud Turtle (6") $20

1 Common Snapper (5") $20

2 Map Turtles (3½" and 4") $15 each

2 baby Eastern Painted Turtles (2" and 3") $15 each

2 Red Eared Sliders (6½" and 5") $20 each

Prices are negotiable.

They are for sale but I am willing to trade for baby snakes like tree pythons (any color) albino ball pythons or red tail boas those are prefered but you may offer something else.

email is [email protected]
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i am willing but onli if u live in toronto
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