Can I keep this turtle I found?

Not sure what kind of turtle you have? Come in and ask the turtle community.
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I found a small, newly hatched turtle by a marshy land near the water. he is very little and cute, and I want to keep him, but I am not sure what he is.
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What does he look like?

I personally would reccomend putting him back in the marshy land. Turtles are very difficult to care for and are a lot of responsibility. Plus, if you really want a turtle, you can go buy one from the pet store and save its life probably. Most pet stores don\'t keep their turtles in the greatest conditions and a lot of times, people buy them with out knowing how much work they are. Do your research, turtles are definately fun!!! :D
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how cute:)

if i were u then i wouldn\'t let it go (although i know it\'s not recommended)..maybe u can keep it for a while cz it just hatched and might not be able to do it in nature..u can keep it and then release it in summer (or keep it for u if u want) turtles are wild-cought that\'s the way they sell them in here..

btw, if u could get pix of the baby it\'ll help telling what it is to know what exact care it needs

good luck:)
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