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is neosporin antibiotic ointment ok for turtle shells???
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i don\'t know but i wouldn\'t risk and use it..u can check with the pharmacist they must know

and tell us what comes up:)
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Copyright by Valerie Haecky. This document may be freely
distributed for non-profit use, provided this notice is
Copied from:
Some last words: Be conservative about vitamin shots. If the
dose is too high, which it sometimes is, since it is very hard to determine the
right dose for turtles, the turtle will die. Rather, feed a vitamin-rich
diet. Some people/veterinarians may recommend a topical antibiotic. If you get one,
make sure it is not greasy but comes off in the water. Otherwise the
betadine soaks will be ineffective, and the grease in the cream will keep
the dry air out which is needed for healing. Silvadene cream is good;
Neosporin is too greasy. Instead of Betadine soaks, you can use a 50%
Nolvosan solution and sponge the turtle off. But Nolvosan is harder to
get, and it really burns in the eyes, and it is trickier to administer,
so I suggest you stick with the Betadine for now.
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