I just got new turtles and don\'t know how much to feed them

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I\'ve been reading every where you can over feed and under feed your turtle but it does not say how much. I got food the size of a grain of salt and I hav turtles about the size of a quarter.
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UGH i was writing a newspaper and suddenly the system crashed..I HATE TECHNOLOGY!!

anyways sorry,,what i was writing is that there\'s no answer for this question and after searching a lot i decided that the best thing is to answer urself..watch ur turtles and u will know how much food they need..since they are babies, be a bit generous with them..feed them twice a day and a good quantity..i don\'t know about the food u\'r giving them but sounds to me like the fish flakes..usually turtles should be fed pellets so in that way it\'ll be easier to tell..anyways feed them and check if they get overweight then cut the quantity down..

good luck with ur new guys:)
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