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i was just curious if turtles can get fat and if so what would it look like? would they not be able to pull themselves into their shells? Has anyone seen this happen?
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yep turtle obesity is as much as human\'s!
it is easy to notice if u look at the turtle\'s bottom u can see parts of \"flesh\" or whatever coming out from the hand and feet holes + the turtle can\'t totally hide itself it,,u\'ll also see parts getting out of it..

it is easy to happen yet very dangerous cz it might result in pyramiding which in its turn cuts off from the turtle\'s life..easy to happen,,easy to solve..put the turtle on a diet,,reduce quantities and meals,,provide some exercises for it and ur turtle gets back in shape:)

btw,,i had a chubby turtle but she lost a good amount of weight now after putting her on a diet

ya it would kill them eventullay but a turtles shell does grow as the turtle grows so it might take a long time for them to die.
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