Post any questions you have about a turtle outdoor setup here. Or if you have a link to your outdoor setup picture we would love to see it.
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hello I have a res. He is in a amatuer pond outside setup about 30 gallons no filter or anything. Although I do water changes about every 2 weeks. we live in northern calif. where right now it gets to about 50\'s in the day sometimes low 60\'s and at night as low as 30\'s.
I put lots of leaves in the bottom of the pond for him to cover himself. I did take most water out leaving enough for him to be completely covered but was told on another post to fill the pond back up. He has not eaten since October but I see him with his head poked out on the not so cold days. Anything else I should know about. Is this acceptable for hibernation of our cute little bugger.
My goodness how do they hibernate in the wild? Am I making to big a deal out of this.
Isn\'t it natural for them. He does not want to climb out and take cover in his out of the pond area even though we have plenty of homemade caves and hay and bushes for him to hide in he does not seem to want to leave the water.
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