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ok my res has alge on its shell and i was just wondering how to get it off????
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Algae on Your Turtle

If algae grow in your rocks and tank decorations, unless they
disturb your sense of beauty, you can let them grow. An exception
is the long, hairy kind which also makes the water slimy. Those,
you should remove.
Algae grow in healthy water with enough light. They are a sign, that
you are doing something right.

Do not use chemicals to kill algae!!!

If you don\'t like the algae, brush them off every time you change
the water, change the water more often, use a stronger filter,
and add a little salt to the water (see further up).

In the wild, it is normal for turtle to grow algae on their shells.
It helps them camouflage! In captivity, the algae should be
removed every once in a while, since they can encourage growth
of fungus in a confined environment.

To remove the algae, hold your turtle under warm tap water and
gently brush it with a soft vegetable brush.
this is from the following webpage almost all the way at the bottom:
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get a toothbrush and scrub the shell gently with warm water..i do it all the time when i change the tank\'s water and they really hate it lol
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