Any other Florida cooters?

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Shelly Turtle
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Hi all
I was wondering, are there any other owners of Florida cooters out there? I found Shelly as a hatchling 5 years ago, and it took me forever to identify him... but then I am still not sure if Florida cooter is the proper common name... He is a Pseudemys Floridana Hoyi turtle. I have only ever been able to find 2 pictures of Florida cooters online... and the species is only ever mentioned as a footnote. For instance, these are the things I know about his species...
1 - They are gregarious baskers and good swimmers.
2 - They are found in Florida.
3 - They only bask for the heat ( they do not need the UV light for their body sugar thing)
4 - They grow to 12 inches.
I would really like to know more about Florida cooters... but I have only ever given myself a headache trying to search for the info. I want to get a female Florida cooter for company, and eventually she might lay eggs :-D. but I have yet to find a website selling them :-(. So... anyone else out there have a Florida cooter? or maybe know of somewhere I could find more information or buy a female?
Thank you,
You can see a picture of Shelly below :-)
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