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This one!........No! That one!

Posted: Thu Jul 22, 2004 12:18 am
by wisp_13
Hey there! Just in need of people\'s opinion! I am planning on getting another turtle, after what mariza had told me, I thought long and hard, and decided to get another turtle. Thanks Mariza for your advice! Anyways, I was thinking, should I get a Painted Turtle, or another False Map? Harley, the turtle I have now, is a False Map, and I didnt know if they would not get along because they are different species. I am getting one as close to his size as I can, like Mariza advised. But I dont know which one will STAY close to his size. Well, There It Is!

Im sorry if all my questions that I ask are \'DUH\' questions. Thanks for being tolerant!