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i just got a baby res while in south carolina the lady gave me turtle pellets but he won\'t eat them when we got back i gave him some tuna but he wion\'t eat that either! i went to the pet store and the man said that you can\'t get a turtle that small in NY does his size have anything to do with it?? Please Help!!
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Buying baby turtles is unfortunatly illegal in I think every state :( but I adopted a baby red ear slider last year. I had to feed her live fish at first the are manly carniverous when they are babies. I would give him some space and try the fish he might eat them, keep introducing the pellets to him though because a good diet is one of variety. Eventually you should try to give your turtle some aquatic plants such as anarchis, or water hyacinth. My red ear slider also like to eat romaine lettuce, carrots, aometimes she eats grapes. If your little one turns up his head at these veggies don\'t be alarmed most do that at first, eventually it should come around. Good luck with your little one :)
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give your little one some time
turtles tend to not really like change
hes in a new place with new ppl
and he doesnt know if s/he can trust you
so s/hes probably not real comfortable around you yet
have you tryed putting the pellets in the tank and leaving the room for 10 minutes?
my new turtle took 7 days before hed actualy eat
and that was only if he couldnt see me watching him
if s/he dosent look sick and is still swiming around and basking a bit give it some time to adjust
good luck though : )
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