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my res has a ear abcess.
i know its from bad water, but i just ordered a new filter and its on its way.
however, the new filter ran me out of money so i have no money for a vet. what should i do?
i love her and dont want to give her away, but i dont want her to suffer from a ear abcess.
how much does it ussuly cost to get it done, and can i safetly do it myself?

please answer fast because i may get rid of it if i cant fix it and its suffering (i really really dont want to do that)

p.s. will it get better in good water?

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Try to find a vet at www.arav.org/USMembers.htm or try the vet listings at www.austinsturtlepage.com You have to call and ask them--fees can vary with different doctors. It won\'t go away on its own. You should find a way to have it taken care of--try to ask if you can pay a little at a time or borrow the money. (If you give away your turtle, will the new owner see that it gets medical attention?)
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Go to this site and scroll down it is very informative and has agood article on what to do if your turtle has an ear abcess.

Good Luck:D
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