turtle mating with inanimate object

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My painter turtle is about one year old. I am pretty sure it is a male. I placed a very small fake turtle in the tank for decoration. Lately my turtle has been waving his arms in front of him constantly. Is he trying to mate with it? Should I take the statue out, or should a get him a female friend? Any advice would be great!
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My RES has three \"girlfriends\" (rocks), and he spends part of the day \"entertaining\" each in turn (fluttering his paws). Turtles will choose inanimate objects to do this to. I\'d just let your turtle keep on fluttering at the fake one. They can do nicely by themselves, and unless you\'re planning to breed turtles, I wouldn\'t get a female for him (think of what you\'d do if hatchlings resulted).
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