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hey i havnt posted for awhile now becuse my baby RES have been doing great, except that one died unfortunately :( she (i think it was a girl becuse she was the biggest and grew almost more than double the size of the rst even though theyre all the same age) well i woke up and looked at the tank and she was swimming sideways and then in the middle of the water would just freeze with her eyes shut. i removed her and seperated her and she eventually died. the other three are extremely healthy though except i was jut looking at them and see, one of them is really really small (it barely grew since i bought it if it grew at all) but the other 2 are growing nicely. one looks alittle big and overweight so its on a small diet and the other is growing at what i call a normal pace. on the two bigger ones i noticed brown spots on their bottom shells. the smaller one doesnt ahve it but the two big ones do. is it just the shedding of their bottom shell or is it something severe or bad? please help me. thnx
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