Problems With Wild River Cooter (Please Help)

Post your turtle first aid questions here.
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Banders Kennany
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Hi, I\'m from near Myrtle Beach, SC. Hopefully one of you folks can help me out here.

A few days ago driving down the street I stopped for a turtle crossing the road. I thought this was odd, as there\'s no significant bodies of water for at least 10 miles. Anyway, though I have no prior experience with turtles, I picked him up and brought him home to see if he was okay.

It\'s been a little under a week now, and and after getting a bunch of information I tentatively identified him/her as a river cooter. For the time being, I have him living in a big plastic Sterilite tub with a Whisper aquarium water heater keeping the water at about 80.

He sleeps under the water with his head in his shell a lot, but he\'s alert and swims around quite a bit every so often. He\'s still shy, usually trying to scratch away when I pick him up. He seems healthy in every way, except for two things.

The main problem is he doesn\'t eat. At least, I haven\'t seen him do it, but if he\'s eating while I\'m away, he\'s not doing much. I\'ve sprinkled some romaine lettuce, shredded carrots and corn niblets for him, but he\'s not interested. I got him some processed chicken to eat as well, but he just ignored that as well. He does defecate though, once every day or two.

The other problem is more strange. In his \"tank,\" every few days I find these gelantinous-feeling white balls, sometimes in groups, sometimes alone. They\'re a little smaller than a small marble, and a few have had a yellowish tint to them. I\'m assuming he passes these through his digestive system, as I usually find them after he\'s also excreted.

I\'m started to get worried about him. Anyone have any advice?

If all else fails, I am also planning on taking him to a vet on Wednesday. Just so I don\'t get a case of sticker shock ... does anyone know how much a checkup and any tests would typically run me?

Thanks a million for reading ... hope someone can help!
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There\'s a forum devoted specifically to cooters at Maybe someone there could advise you better if you have more questions. Good luck.
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