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My mother brought my son home a turtle from Florida. The turtle is about 1 inch long. It came with pellet food, that he won\'t eat. I bought some other type of food that he is not eating. I\'ve tried to look up some ideas on the internet, but I can\'t figure out what type of turtle it is. The woman that sold it said it was a miniature turtle and it won\'t get any bigger, but when i looked up miniature turtles, I found out that there is no such thing and that every turtle will grow.
Any ideas on what this turtle species is?
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how long have you had the turtle for ?
they dont appricate change much
or travell for that matter
give it time he/she is probably jsut adjusting the new enviroment
is it warm enough ?
does he have a good light ?
if the set up is good
then hes just being fussy give it a few days they will normaly eat after a bit
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