HELP...Cold Weather!

Post your turtle first aid questions here.
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I was away for a few days and left my turle in the trust of a responsible friend but she STUPIDLY left the turtle outside over several nights.

He\'s only a year old and doesn\'t seem to be doing well at all.

I live in LA. The weather gets down to the mid-50s at night. What happens to them when they\'re exposed to this kind of cold? I know they sometimes hibernate so can they acclimate to this weather for a short period?

I noticed s/he has these bulges around the hind legs. Hadn\'t noticed that before and don\'t know if it\'s related to this incident.

I am SO angry and bummed, it\'s killing me.
Thanks for your help...
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Hi There,

I\'m not a pro at this, but when I found my turtle I left it outside for about a month not really knowing what to do with it and the turtle seemed to be ok. I\'m in Los Angeles too. I later took it in and got it a tank, researched on how to take care of a turtle etc...What you might want to do if your turtle isn\'t doing to well is to increase the temp of your heater to about 85-90 degrees and see how that goes. Ask for the bulges on your turtles legs, I\'m not to sure about that one. Hopefully someone here can help you out on that.

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Your turtle should be ok, but keep an eye out for infections. I agree with raising the tank temp, but only for a few days. It will raise his resistance to infection.
As for the bulges, :) when turtles are over weight this is the only way you can really tell. You might want to cut back a little on the food.
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