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I am new at this turtle thing..a water turtle made its way into my garage 4 days ago and was all dried out. Being a kind person who takes everything in he or she is now my our pet. I set up the tank and gave him a place to rest and dry out with a light to keep him warm, but he hasnt eaten a thing since. I tried turtle pellets, tuna and I put some little gold fish in today. Should I turn him loose? Or is there hope? I sure dont want him to die!

Thank you
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Please turn him loose. Wild turtles are used to fending for themselves as well as a quality of life that can not be duplicated in a captive enviroment. If you would like to have a pet turtle, get as much information as you can and have a proper setup ready for it. Turtles can be purchased through local breeders or if you want a older turtle (they are easier to keep) you can contact a turtle rescue I can give you the names of those close to you if you let me know where you are located.

Thank you...I guess I will have to turn him loose. At least I still have the goldfish!
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