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Here you can direct all your questions about turtle breeding and what to do about those eggs you found that your turtle laid.
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hey! ok i see you are really an expert on RES. ok well as you know, i have 4 RES. i THINK they are babies or were when i got them. i got them about 3 or 4 months ago. 2 of them were 3/4 of an inch and 2 were an inch. now 2 of them are about 2 inches each but the other two BARELY grew if at all, but they do eat ALOT. lol. anyawys, ok 2 of them, I THINK the bigger ones (i didnt pay enough attention to notice) but they went head to head and ONE of them started vibrating its front hands on on the other one. the other was just had its hands in the same position like on its head. i dont know if they were mating or fighting. i called my brother but they got scared when he came and left. they let ME get close while they did this. my face was practically in the glass and they didnt care but as soon as he entered the door they ran because they dont know him. well, anyawys, so i wanted to know if its mating or fighting??? like i said i didnt get to see who it was because i got caught up in the amazing vibrating hands lol and didnt get to see. i know one of them small ones was basking and the other was swimming around and thats all. what is it?> thanks bye
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