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hey. ok i was sitting online doing my own thing and i looked at my tank and 2 of my turtles were swimming and 2 were basking. i was happy to see them swimming because for some time they werent. when i looked a little more, it seemed like 2 of them were following each other but head to head. i put my glasses on and went closer and saw that they were facing each other dead to head and one of them had its front hands on its head and the other one did also except facing outward and it was vibrating them over and over again. i called my brother but when he came in they got scared because they dont know him. i dont know how old my turts are but they are red eared sliders and i got them in the downtown Los angeles. the ones that were going head to head I THINK were the bigger ones and theyr shell size is about 2 inches plus a little. i dont know if they were fighting or mating. i dont know also because i didnt get to see if they were boys or a boy and a girl because i got caught up in the weird moment. they didnt bite or anything they just put theyre noses together and one of them vibrated. but i THINK mine are babies. thats why im confused. someone once told me that some babies get this chemical thing that stunts their growth so they are adults in the body of a baby. i dont know what the case is. can someone help me fast! theyre okey now theyre acting normal. please respond i want to seperate them if they are fighting or else leave them if they arent.!
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