RES hides all day

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I recently moved my RES into a larger tank and now all day he sits under the basking platform in the shade (under water all day). He has access to the platform in two large rocks set up as a ramp. Water heater is set to 90, but the heater is ideally for a 10 gallon, so the water gets to about 80. At first I thought it was that the basking area is too cool, so I added a blacklight that generates alot of heat, however he still does not move from his spot. Basking area is around 85-90 degrees and includes an incandescent light, UVB and some natural light coming in through the window (tank is in front of window). It\'s just weird. He stands against the glass all day with his head poking above the water to breathe. I\'m afraid that he\'ll get MBD if he doesnt start to come out of the water more often.
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