Itchy Shell, Not Growing & ICK

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**I have two spoiled RES :). My larger one (approx. 3.5\" ) keeps digging under the heater and large \"hiding place\" in our 55 gal. aquarium and \"doing a jig\" (I think scratching his shell). He has been doing this for about 2 months. Is this a normal part of shell growth?

**I have had my other RES for about 2 months and it has not grown at all! It is around 1 1/4\". Should I be concerned? I have had my larger one since X-Mas and he has grown very quickly.

**Okay, I feel really dumb asking this one, but there are tropical fish, snails, crabs, plecostomus, cory cat, ghost shrimp in the aquarium also. I just had an outbreak of \"ICK\" and treated all of the fish. Can reptiles & crustaceans get the \"ICK\" too? :-&
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